Jack Sollis

Jack’s love for the game started at a young age, with every spare moment, he was always playing football.

Growing up he played at youth level and was grateful to all the coaches for always making football so enjoyable. From this Jack knew where he wanted his career to go. He went on to study football and gained multiple football based qualifications, and valuable experience working at various clubs and organisations.

From then to now Jack has built a successful business within youth football coaching, understanding and observing how players learn and develop. From his coaching and mentoring he has seen many players succeed and progress to being scouted for professional clubs.

As a PFSA Assessor (professional football scouts association), Jack is passionate about the individual development of youth footballers and places a big emphasis on creating the ultimate learning environment for players to develop and achieve. Jack also believes in the power of good customer service, and how important communication with parents or guardians is to ensure they are always informed with their players’ progress and targets.

‘’At Euro Pro, we deliver on providing an excellent opportunity for players to showcase their talent, gain experience, and develop as an individual. To ultimately reach their footballing potential through our dedicated trial, assessment, and feedback model.’’

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